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Prepaid Voucher Calendar

Welcome to our pre-paid voucher availability page!

Please understand:

We are a small, family owned and operated property with only 3 cabins, 4 suites and 8 hotel rooms. Availability is very limited. Please be flexible with your dates and make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Peak seasons and weekends will fill up 3-4 months in advance!. Suites and cabins will naturally fill faster than the hotel rooms.

If a date is GREEN we have at least some availability although we may not have all room types for that date. Please click on the green date that is your FIRST choice for your stay. A reservation form will come up that must be filled out completely including the voucher number or redemption code as well as alternate dates, telephone number and estimated time of arrival. Please add to your email accounts spam filter "allow" list and give us up to seven days to receive a confirmation email. We will honor the requests in the order they arrive our inbox. A completed form is not considered a valid reservation until you get a confirmation email from us. Please contact us after 7 days if you have not received a confirmation.

Taxes and fees on your package are due at checkin ($25.89) You MUST bring your PRINTED certificate with you and present it at checkin. A credit card is required for damages and unreasonable messes left in your unit. **Date changes and cancellations/reschedules will be graciously accomodated and charged a $20 fee per change.** We hate to do this, but the vast number of changes and cancellations flooding our inbox are making it difficult to get anything else done and making date availabilty for other guests extremely difficult. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

***If your certificate has already expired it is now good for half the face value. For example, if your certificate was for two nights and four oxygen bar sessions it is now valid for one night and two oxygen bar sessions.***

We are greatly discouraging two couples traveling together using these certificates and staying in our two bedroom suites and cabinetes. Although the certificate is good for 4 people, it was actually intended for a family with children. It's just too darn crowded. PLEASE keep this in mind for your comfort.

--The following we have learned the hard way and we have to add this because of people who have taken advantage of us.--

By making these reservations, you agree to

1. Arrive in good humor and realize that we are a small, family owned and operated property and we do the very best we can. If you need something while you are here ...Ask for it. We are happy to accomodate, but are unable to read your mind. If you want the hot tub, ask about it and we will tell you everything. If you'd like to sit in the lobby and chat with the owners, ask when we are around and available. If you want Ice, just ask us. Everyone is given the owner's personal cell phone at checkin and we answer the phone 24 hours a day. Negative or unfavorable reviews (3 or below) on sites such as trip advisor WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will earn you a blackball or unfavorable rating on the site you bought your certificate from. We are giving you a GREAT DEAL and expect you to let us know if there's a problem or something you need/want while we can still do something about it.

2. You are expected to leave your cabin, suite or hotel room in good condition and reasonably clean. We have had terrible luck with groupon and living social voucher holders leaving our units so filthy that it costs us more to clean them than the guest's paid us for the voucher. Pet messes, torn bedding, dirty dishes and even breakfast burritos ground into the carpet! You will be charged for messes like these at a rate of $50 per hour with a $50 minimum.

Thank you!